Friday, June 21, 2013

Benefits can trump salary

No one should work for free--see below on unpaid internships--but savvy job hunters can sometimes substitute smokin' benefits for money.

CareerBuilder riffed off on this recently.

If you are relocating, suggest a housing allowance (esp overseas).

Ask for guaranteed severance and outplacement services--jobs do come and go these days.

Sometimes, in visible entertainment and fashion jobs, you could snag a wardrobe allowance.

See how many conferences you can attend--good for networking, and of course for working.

If you must work overtime a lot--see if some child care could be covered.

If you drive your car, make sure it's on THEIR nickel. Same for airline travel. You keep the  miles.

You can ask anyone anything...don't be shy.

Oh--and ask about health insurance. It's in play now--you could be cut loose into the unknown world of exchanges and self-insurance. Brrrr.

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