Monday, June 10, 2013

Can you tell if someone is lying?

I mean someone besides Jon Lovitz, with his Saturday Night Live routine of "Uh, uh, yeah, that's it."

Marty Latz, founder of the Latz Negotiation Group, has some tips (with an assist from Dr Paul Ekman of the TV show "Lie to Me" and Law professor Clark Freshman).

First, decide if the other person is changing his or her baseline behavior. If they are fast talkers--do they slow down? Could be lying.

See if the body language matches the verbal. A big denial accompanied by a shrug--could be a lie.

Look for very quick facial microexpressions. These can mean--lying!

You can also see how credible the person is in advance--do some research.

And ask probing followup questions. See if the person fidgets or looks uncomfortable.

And--of course--the flaming pants are also a giveaway.

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