Friday, June 14, 2013

Don't love the job--fake it till you make it

I guess I should be worried--my family is an endless trove of object lessons and bad examples. But I am a blogger--we need material.

I have a relative who started a new job, then after a few weeks, called in some Mondays and then was in an accident and had to take two weeks off, and what do you know--they did not see the humor and she is on probation.

A new Gallup poll finds that 52% of workers aren't involved in, enthusiastic about, or committed to their work.

Well, isn't that just ducky?

Another 18% are actively disengaged--this would be the nurse maybe who lets your alarms ring and ring or forgets to send over your referral.

So less than a third of full-time workers are engaged and happy.

Women and managers seem the most engaged, as do new hires in Louisiana. Male service workers in Rhode Island were the least engaged.

Those on smaller teams of 5-9 workers also seemed happier.

Well, this is why they call it work, people! You suit up and go. Showing up is huge and you may find things to like after that.

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