Monday, June 3, 2013

Get some game in asking for a raise

Researchers at the Columbia Business School have some advice for you when you negotiate salary or ask for a raise.

Asking for a precise odd number to kick things off results in a higher final number. This is your "anchor" number.

Precision shows you have done your homework--you are above the average bear.

Using round numbers--such as "I was thinking $45,000,"--shows you have only a general idea of the market.

The researchers had 130 people negotiate a used car price. Those who offered a round number paid an average of $2,963 more than their intial offer. Those who offered a precise number paid only $2,256 more than their initial number.

So ask for something like $92,350 and ignore the puzzled looks. They will chew on it. You will come out ahead.

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