Monday, June 24, 2013

Have women really come a long way?

More than half the college grads are female, women crowd the business schools, yet pay differences abound, women are being assaulted in the miliary and I recently read a story (Marie Claire, June 2013) on how badly outspoken computer genius women are treated by their male counterparts.

It sort of make sense, although it's sickening--but women in traditionally male areas such as finance and education administration are more likely to be paid less than their male counterparts.

Female CEOs earn a median salary of around $76K, while then men drag down $110K.

Big diff!

The lower-paying levels are more likely to be equal between men and women.

Women are less likely to be mentored, walked though the pay maze, negotiate well and get what they want and deserve.

There also is still an old boys' network and in the shocking story I read about the high tech industry, the old boys often issue death threats and destroy women's sites.

I almost didn't write this, but decided, what the hey. This is wrong and we need to speak up.

As for the military--women should be fighting the enemy, not men on their side. Fix that! Men, if you can't get a girlfriend except by force, you may be a soldier, but you are not a man.

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