Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I have about had it with contractors

Try hiring someone to help you do something! Just try!

I was thinking of investing in a new, triple-pane picture window next to my desk--to get rid of the cracked, pot metal one. Also on the front of the house, is another large window--but it's behind plantings.

Windows are crazy expensive--four figures.

I got a brochure from a company that had remodeled my kitchen in the Wayback--big bargains for old customers, etc. So I called. The same guy was still there, at least 12 yrs later.

He came over--10 days later. He insisted on doing a bid for both front windows--upselling, my beloved friend. I hate upselling.

When I insisted on one window--it was not "cheaper to just do both"--that was a joke--he lost interest in me. When I would not close and pitch over $1300, he said well, if I decided to do it, could it be via email because his bosses would not want him to use the gas to come over here.

Use the gas? I am an old customer, but not worth the gas?

That seemed like an internal issue to me--and not my darn fault.

I called another window company--Andersen--big outfit. The guy on the phone was trying to see if I was serious--he wanted me to know they would not fix a window, the meeting would be 90 minutes, the window would take 8 weeks to get, they would rather do both, both homeowners had to be there (implication--woman cannot decide), etc. Not loving the vibe, I cut off the call.

So now, I am off the window kick. I guess they didn't want my business. Why even advertise then?


Anonymous said...

We found a surprisingly good semi-solution to the 'keep heat out' question. Learned from our grown, very smart kids.

We already have double-pane glass. Then we invested the big bucks for some of those honeycomb pull-down blinds.

They let in light during the day, so we don't mind having them pulled. Not like the old roller shades that made it feel like a funeral parlor.

And they make a noticeable difference for keeping out heat.

Star Lawrence said...

Hmmm..I am more worried about the cold--I sit by the window all day and in winter, even in AZ, I am a popsicle. Thanks for the idea, though.