Monday, June 17, 2013

Not a Skinny Minnie--new clothes coming, sort of

According to the WSJ, Christina Brinkley, June 13, 2013, the average American woman is 5'4", weighs 167,and has a 37-inch waist.

That's a 14. But the really cute clothes stop at size 12. And that is considered horsey and somehow shameful.

I wear so-called Plus Sizes--and have all my life, except for after every diet, where I was maybe a Size 10 for a few months.

Why do they even call them Plus Sizes? Just call them a size!

This week, in NY, we will have Full Figure Fashion Week. Abercrombie & Fitch was guilted into putting up larger sizes when one of the twit directors said something snooty about larger people.

Even Kate Upton, a babe in anyone's book, gets flak for being "curvy."

That also disdainful Michael Kors has plus sizes (there I go using the term), but claims he has no pictures of them. Sure, Michael.

A larger blogger, Gabi Gregg ( came up with the Fatkini--which sold out almost immediately.

One study showed that larger women had 28% of the clothes money, but spent only 17%.

One designer has clothes for Rubens Women--uh, didn't they go naked?

As for Lane Bryant and its sister stores Woman Within and Roamans--why are so many of the tops for butt-ugly--and LONG. Who needs a shirt down to your...

Oh, never mind! Plus this!

And another bone I have to pick--the sizes are so inconsistent. You have to ask yourself if you are "a Vietnamese Large?" when the clothes come from the Far East. Usually a VLG top will fit only on your forearm.

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