Friday, June 7, 2013

Thinking of selling your house?

Ellen James Martin, AZ Republic, Feb 5, 2013, says housing prices are going up and you may be able to sell your house without paying THEM to take it.

But, first, to get that top dollar, you may need to fix up a few things. Only 10% of homes on the market, according to one estimate, have everything fixed. Peeling paint can turn off a buyer and you will never know why the person cooled.

Getting contractors may mean Craigslist, home of the cheeseball fly-by-nighters. I can count on one hand the Craigs people I have used twice.

So research good contractors. Get recommendations, don't use the Yellow Pages. One suggestion is to have a block party and compare notes on contractors.

How about Angie's List? Well, I hate to condemn a whole business, but one guy I am chasing to make good on a project has good reviews there.

One suggestion is to get FIVE bids for work over $5,000. Then toss those 20% above or below the median of the five.

And ask for references--don't go by the contractor's website or pix.

I have had good luck asking other homeowners. And after my job is done, I become a reference.

If things have gone well.

Welcome to the crapshoot.

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