Thursday, June 6, 2013

US cheesy with paid vacays

Almost 25% of those lucky enough to have a job get NO paid vacation time, according to Cathy Payne, USA TODAY.

This according to the Center for Economic and Policy Research in DC.

Companies are not required to provide paid vacation. the group looked at 21 democracies--and all of them do.

Except little old us.

The European Union makes companies pony up for 20 days a year--four weeks!

When you average up US employees who get paid leave, they get 10 vacation days and six paid holidays. the holidays are nice, but are not when the worker might want them.

Ninety percent of high wage workers get paid time off, 49% of low paid ones do.

Psychologists say even if you like your work, it's stressful.

To me, this is the "everydayness" of it.

Did you know it used to be required that workers in banks take time off--that way, if someone was fiddling with the money, it would show up when the person was not there for a time to cover it up.

Oh--and of course, the millions who still have no work have no paid vacations. Reminder!

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