Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What to expect on the first day of new job

Most people starting a job expect armloads of paperwork and a slew of introductions they won't remember.

At best, employees try to nail down where the restrooms are.

Rachel Emma Silverman, WSJ, May 29, 2013, says this is changing in some companies.

They are trying to suck the new employee into the swim first thing with networking sessions and maybe a scavenger hunt.

The first few weeks are called "onboarding." New one on me.

Instead of new employees nosing around trying to find out if it's OK to bring lunch from home or wear jeans, they are assigned a "peer coach."

They had the employee describe what he or she is bringing to the company, instead of harping on the company's mission.

Sometimes a new hire is given hard work the first day--such as updating the website.

Others have techno music and a limbo bar.

One study showed that employees sucked into the flow quickly were one-third less likely to quit within six months.

If I had to limbo the first day on a job, I would have only lasted hours, if that. Arriba!

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