Thursday, June 27, 2013

Work-life balance--buzzwords or possibility?

Take time for yourself, set aside "me" time, etc--yeah, yeah. Sure.

You can't leave your work at your office--it's in your phone, in your brain, in your consciousness.

CareerBuilder suggests looking at how much time you spend doing marginally productive tasks. For me this is a lot--from cleaning up after my animals to writing this blog, which makes zero bucks!

[Which reminds me--please order books on here.]

Ask yourself do you have to be available after hours or do you do this of your own free will? Many people like to think they are indispensable.

And maybe you have to choose a little--relaxing personal life or rewarding career? It may be more one than the other--and this answer will change over time (say when your kids get older).

I always joked that I lived at the office. Only it wasn't a joke.

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