Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Been to a jelly?

According to Govt Technology magazine, a jelly is an impromptu meetup of like-minded people. They are for freelance tech workers and entrepreneurs who might otherwise be closeted in their cells.

It is a form of co-working--but it's free, and according to what the organizers can find, meet in libraries, coffee houses, and pubs--even homes.

You need wifi, everyone brings a laptop or tablet or what they use to work.

Jellies are announced on Facebook and on or

Why call them jellies? The first two organizers ate jellybeans.

We had a group in DC like this--we met in the afternoon--3ish--at a local pizza joint--they put out a few pies, the place was empty at that hour. Drinks were cash. We had 40 people sometimes.

I called it The Shut-Ins.

I tried it in AZ, but it petered out in six months. I would love to try again.

Also, when I was in DC, we had salons. One woman held one every Wednesday for decades--at various bars. You could go if you had been away and see who was who in the albums she brought.

Another place, a design firm, had a salon every Friday after work--bring your own. Sometimes it lasted all night until dawn, other times it folded in half an hour. It was based on the "legend" of Victor, the giraffe at the London zoo who died trying to mate with Arabella, and the royal navy put a sling on him to raise him, but he still died. They had pins with a dead giraffe hanging in a sling. I still have mine. You know how designers are.

Life used to be way more fun than now.

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