Friday, July 12, 2013

Children beg to do chores

According to Sue Shellenbarger, WSJ, July 10, 2013, there are new phone apps that have children begging to work.

And here I used to say it's hard to get good help--and impossible to give birth to it.

One, $3.99, called You Rule Chores, gives each kid an avatar and they accumulate points toward rewards by dibbing chores they work out with the parents.

The parents can set the rewards--extra TV--or some apps like ChoreMonster lets kids compete on the internet for prizes--or even a booby prize like stinky socks.

They claim kids actually ask for work.

Oh--yeah--you are also supposed to tell kids how beneficial a clean house is, how they are part of the family deal, and thank them. But I see that as more parental rambling...The prize is the thing!

Do we really need a smartphone to raise a kid? Yeah, probably at this point. Smartmom, smartphone--what's the diff?

Don't mind me--I just cleaned up after the cat. No prize. Darn.

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