Thursday, July 11, 2013

Comforting thoughts--Norwegian edition

My paternal grandmother came to Stevens Point, Wisconsin, from Norway and as a mere slip of a girl married the town doctor who was 30 years her senior. Her maiden name was Klansrud.

Strange for those days--Dr Lawrence had been married before and divorced. Grammy Ethel had a half-sister.

My father had two sisters--and one often traveled to Norway.

This immigration deal is not new. It is the backbone of this country--it is why we don't all have black hair and brown eyes.

This may sound sort of dumb, but some days, I take courage from my Viking blood. Not the raping and pillaging parts--but the courage of setting off in tiny boats to find who knows what. There must be some of that in me--and probably even more in Gram, who was young, female, and when her older husband died of pneumonia, worked the rest of her life as a fifth grade teacher to take care of her three kids.

People are brave! Noble, even.

Maybe this is why sites like are popular as people grow older and wonder what all this was about. I have never tried it--have you?

Oh--and I also sleep with a Teddy bear just in case my Viking nerves fail me. There might have been a good luck charm or two on those long ships--who knows.

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