Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Don't you hate self-actualizing?

Another day, another chance to kick your own fanny and get out there. Be your own cheerleader. Keep yourself going and inspired.

Nap time!

But, no, of course, we can't give up or slow down.

First you need a pretty simple goal--you can't change it every day.

Name an action or two you can take. One or two--per day.

In the shower, ask yourself--how will I give and to whom?

If you feel annoyed--ask yourself--it is you or the work?

At night, think about what you learned and what you are grateful for.

Does all that sound too Goody-Two-Shoes? Yeah, probably. But I do like to see some accomplishments in a day. Settle for that.

Think of it not as a treadmill, but a winding path with surprises.

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