Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Dream job--nightmare attitude

Have you watched Bravo TV's new "reality" show BELOW DECK? It's about the young, buff crew of a luxury charter yacht sailing out of St. Martin.

Crewing is sort of like hotel work--but in a confined space. Cleaning, turning down beds, cooking, serving, bar tending, making nice with dull or gross people.

In other words, it's a job. This is why they call work work.

But these young people have a pretty casual attitude toward authority--except towards the captain, who is decades older and not someone you'd want to mess with.

The third steward Sam just loves to irritate and taunt her boss Adrienne. In one scene, Adrienne asks her to reclean a toilet--and Sam says something like would it kill you to bring a rag and knock it out yourself.

Uh...that is not how you talk to the boss, kids.

The other steward Kat is always bitching that Adrienne makes her do everything.

Adrienne says to Sam at one point that this is how you learn. Sam shoots back--I am not here to learn, I am here to have fun.

Well, isn't that peachy?

Watch the show. These youngsters are asked to sort of get girls for one group of guys with no game of their own. That is kind of above and beyond. But it does happen--even on land--and you need to know how to deal with an uncomfortable situation like that.

You need to be in a job to learn. And it's not all fun.

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