Monday, July 15, 2013

Email addiction--do you even want to quit?

I don't have a smartphone or tablet, but I do sit on the desktop computer (remember those) all day and get emails when they come in.

Dean Newlund, president of Mission Facilitators International, ( you wish to email someone who gave up email), says we spend 40% of our time reading and sending emails.

It supposedly takes us 25 mins to get back on track after an interruption--and interruptions take 28% of our day. I can't make those numbers work--but the idea is that jumping to emails is not productive.

Newlund says to check twice a day--like 8 am and 4 pm. The rest of the time put on the Out of Office Assistant.

He also has other advice--like limit your use of cc and bcc to spare others.

But let's get back to twice a day. So the rest of the time--people think you are out gallivanting someplace.

That could be negative when it comes to clients or bosses.

I do think we could use fewer cute kitten pix and I don't open "fun" attachments at all. But twice a day?

I might as well try to give up work and friends.

Of course, not all of them feel the same--I have relatives who don't even check email from one day to the next. They are annoying.

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