Monday, July 29, 2013

Go to Monster, send res, ah, done!

Not so fast, bunky!

Those algorithm, keyword searching systems are a black hole, according to Liz Ryan, CEO and Founder, Human Workplace.

Ryan recommends, for one thing, sending a letter--you know, paper, envelope, stamp.

Instead of a cover letter--send a Pain Letter (TM). This is designed to show how you can relieve the manager's pain.

Here is how it goes:

(1) Congratulate the manager for something good the company did recently. (This is the Hook.)

(2) Then comes the Pain Hypothesis (maybe you will need new people because of the reorganization).

(3) Then a Dragon Slaying story about you--maybe you came into an understaffed startup and wore three hats.

(4) Then the closing--if this warrants a conversation, please call me.

Slap on your resume and put it in an envelope and send.

And I would add--after 2 weeks, try to call and see if the manager got it.

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