Tuesday, July 30, 2013

How about a brand new house?

I once moved into an apt that had just been built--very spruce and nice.

Andy Warren of Maracay Homes (a builder, so consider the source) has some tips on finding the right home builder.

He says you need to shop for a builder as carefully as for what you want in a home.

Make a list of builders in your area. Read ads--and read newspaper stories about which builders are active.

Targetr builders in your price range. Want a McMansion--probably a different project than a starter home.

Find a real estate agent to help you. Ask that person about specific builders--reputation, financing, adherence to schedules, all the buzz.

Visit communities the builders have built. Make notes (you won't remember, bring a pencil). Look for curb appeal. See if people are in some of the houses.

Then, when it's narrowed down, visit model homes. Look at the finishes--which could you get? Ask. Also ask about a home warranty.

Can you see yourself in the house? The children playing, you working...it could be the one.

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