Thursday, July 18, 2013

Is STEM really the job answer?

All you hear these days is STEM. It stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math.

These are supposedly the promised career fields to cure the country and employ everyone.

I saw a panel on Book TV last weekend about college--it centered on William Bennett's book Is College Worth It? The panel was the older, male, kind of fusty types--academics--but they seemed to think maybe college was overpriced and did not really guarantee a lucrative job or a good life.


Another academic, UC Davis computer science professor Norman S. Matloff, says the so-called STEM shortage is "a web of deceit designed to trick the whole country."

Double wow.

Many jobs in the STEM area don't require a degree. Less than 5% of jobs in the tech field even require a high level of knowledge.

Everyone knows some of the big boys never went to college--or quit. Gates, Ellison, etc.

Experts say we have enough grads or older people out of work to fill posts, but foreign workers are cheaper.  These are the H-1B workers. Once an employer brings them in, they cannot leave for another employer--they are stuck. Employers like that.

Employers want Congress to let them bring in more H-1B visa types.

So if you are trying to force yourself into the engineering mold--research first. The "accepted widom" would be wrong.

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