Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Is your head a pretzel over college?

Pretzel--twisted, confused--from Talladega Nights (movie)?

I started to write once again about the mixed value of college these days and thought, "Sheesh, quit banging on this."

But I have one more thing I want to add. Not that I am promising to leave this topic forever.

Eric Roper, founder of the Wahoo Food Group, wrote about this in the July 15, 2013, WSJ.

People are confused about the path ahead, Roper remarks.

There are mixed signals--sure lots of boy geniuses in Silicon Valley dropped out of college, but this does not mean dropping out will make you a genius.

Then, you hear it's all about education, we need more Science, Tech, Engineering and Math (STEM) grads.

Or we don't--the foreigners will do it on special visas.

And it's also true that becoming a plumber or carpenter can yield a good living.

So what is my one last comment? COLLEGE IS WHAT YOU MAKE OF IT. If you put in the time, at least attend all classes, read a lot, keep the boozing to a minimum and work part-time, you will value it and it will be of value to you.

A value--but not a magic ticket to wealth. That still takes work, and, I am convinced, some luck.

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