Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Maybe OK--sometimes--to talk smack about a boss

The wisdom is to not talk negatively about a boss. A potential employer might think you would do it to him or her.

But our gurus Dale Dauten and JT O’Donnell read a letter from a woman whose dentist boss was so horrible, she needed stress treatment three times a week. She never wanted him called for a reference—but interviewers did it anyway.

What should she do?

O’Donnell said you could say the interviewer could call the old boss, but you weren’t sure what kind of reference he would provide.

THEN…Dauten said the interviewer might ask why you would not get a good reference. Do not say because you had to work late or the boss became furious of  minor mistakes—this happens everywhere.

Also do not say you have to be in treatment due to this person.

You could, he said, give a startling example—such as “Well, he would scream and throw instruments at the wall.”

Be sure the example is true and makes the old boss lose all credibility.

This is a calculated risk, I would say.

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