Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Smell phones


I am mostly a Luddite and have no need of a cell phone because I don't get out much. But my gosh, people, those things are irritating!

Like being a nondrinker in a bar--I just don't "get" it. The tinny little things ring again and again--same person. If someone doesn't answer--they are busy. Wait an hour or two.

Texts with one letter--"k"--this is worth a gigantic phone bill?

Now, employers are being cautioned not to tell people to use their own devices at work--if someone has a dirty picture on their private phone and shows it around--the employer can get nailed for sexual harassment.

I have heard of people holding the phone below table level and texting and glancing during dates or meals.

This does not even count some bozo texting while driving and smashing someone's life out of existence.

I know I sound like an old crab--but this has got to change.

I remember leaving the house thinking great now my clients can't reach me for an hour. Blessedly. Try it--you might like being off the grid.

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Star Lawrence said...

On the July 24th epi of Million Dollar Listing New York (Bravo), Fredrik's fiance threw Fredrik's cell phone into the ocean when Fredrik insisted on continuing to try to sell apartments while the families toasted and ate dinner. Everything went fine after that.