Thursday, July 25, 2013

Time for a new career?

CareerBuilder asks--Do you ever think you are in the wrong career--like a baby switched at birth?

I added the baby part. I love that little Prince!

Anyhow, you need to be somewhat realistic (I hate that, don't you?). If you are 45, you probably can't be a firefighter.

So seek clarity.

What do you notice the most? Talk about the most? What looks like fun? What seems challenging?

Then you need to take a hard look at finances. An entirely new field may not shower money on you, at least at first. See how severely you can cut back.

Then--what skills will transfer? Maybe you know an industry (energy, oil, transportation) and can transfer to a different part of it.

Or stick with a type of client--selling a different item but to a market you know.

See if you can get certificated (see below--troll down).

And stay on top of the news! This means reading and going to sites.

Amazingly a lot of business people don't read business news. Don't be one.

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