Wednesday, July 3, 2013

What about adding a video to your application?

Progress just keeps on coming. Darn it.

A young man named Humberto Valle, out here in AZ, has developed a website called (two p's for opportunity) which helps applicants add a video to their job applications.

They make no secret of it--this is for Millennials (read young people) who are tech savvy.

And, I would say, also, people who don't look old--which is still a big no-no jobwise. Yes, age discrimination is illegal--so what, it happens all the time.

Still, companies are not asking for videos of applicants. Sometimes these are posted on YouTube.

So this is a fledgling industry--but these days, the fledgling stage usually lasts about six months.

So whiten those teeth and buy a new shirt.

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