Monday, July 1, 2013

Work--or workout?

Anita Bruzzese, Gannett, talks about people who are so fixated on "fitness" that they pursue it all day long.

One woman, a dietitian at the Univ of Missouri, works at a treadmill desk. She puts in 11 miles a day, dresses in layers in case she gets hot, has special shoes.

She even stands at meetings (bet that is popular).

She has a coworker who "treads" at 2 mph--100 cals an hour.

If you aren't this um...dedicated...and don't have a treadmill desk (spendy), try getting up each hour. Walk in place for 2 mins or do10 kneebends.

Be a leader--don't be embarrassed.

If I were these people's boss, I would say--get to work! But it looks like they are the boss.

I also read some comments the other day on apps for fitness--people have special watches, alarms, trackers, robocalls, etc.

Sometimes I dunno. I guess this is OK--but they should stop calling Boomers self-centered.

By the way--I read a new name for old--early borns. I hate it. Maybe we should call this treadmill group "yesterday borns."

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