Thursday, August 15, 2013

7 ways to get slugs to step up

Adam Grant, writes about the dilemma of some people working harder than others (Govt Exec Mag, Aug 9, 2013).

The worst offenders in the "hardly working" group are American men, it turns out. Women and non-Americans tend to be more group-oriented.

What do you do when you're stuck with some free riders?

First, make the task more meaningful.  In one study--of call center employees raising money for a university--the employees talked to by a scholarship student they had helped had a huge jump in dedication and productivity.

If some are doing less than the norm, show them what others are doing. In one study, when shown their neighbors were saving more energy, people got serious about conserving.

Smaller groups also make people think their work is more important.

Assign a unique role to each person.

Make individual inputs visible.

Make stronger relationships between the people--people don't like to let down friends.

Ask the slackers how to deal with slackers. This gets buy-in. With any luck, they will also slack about seeing why you asked.

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