Thursday, August 29, 2013

Bad boss can be a negative role model

Negative role model? That is Star-speak for what not to be like.

According to CareerBuilder, if you are tangling with your boss, you can turn this to your advantage.

First, you are learning what not to do, as I said. This can be better than business school.

You will be more self-reliant. If your boss is vague and never gives you what you need, you have to try harder.

No praise--well, look to yourself for a sense of accomplishment. Set a goal, meet it, and reward yourself.

You will learn how to choose your battles. When to push back, when to let it go--these are great things to learn.

You will also learn what CareerBuilder calls diplomacy and what I call strategy. Know when the boss is in a receptive--and when they are not approachable.

You will also learn to form teams and work more with others.

I once had a boss who got plastered and fired me a few times a year. I just came back to work the next morning--see, I had learned that nothing would be said.

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