Tuesday, August 13, 2013

BELOW DECK--again!

Scroll down--I wrote about this Bravo "reality" show before. Millennials working on a charter yacht.

I said then they sort of shocked me with their insolence to their bosses, but this has blossomed into a near-mutiny, with one steward, Kat, getting drunk and openly defying the captain--who is a sort of hard-to-read guy, hypercritical (although getting it right could save lives), and suddenly mixing with them in social situations.

I know they are trying to cut it together to be dramatic--and it is. But it brings up a lot of workplace issues to ponder--socializing with your superiors, workplace "romances" (more like hookups), and substance abuse on the job.

I still think your boss should not have to be your warden or your father or mother.

Maybe people should not work in a close space like a boat.

But I also think these people should put themselves in check. They say incredibly inappropriate and rude things to each other and get sloppy drunk.

What I call a toxic work environment--and this does not even count the despicable customers (some of them).

The captain fumes and pounces on the crew's behavior and criticizes, but so far has not put anyone ashore. Maybe that is coming.

This is a job--and even a TV show--not a big excuse to act out.

You are not entitled to the job you have no matter what. You could find that out the hard way.

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