Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Do something new--something different

If you are job hunting, you need a reason to hope--to carry on. This means doing something different to get (maybe) a different result (I hate that cliche).

If you are technologically oriented and sort of out-doorsy--why not join a Community Emergency Response Team? It's volunteer--but good contacts. Check it out at http://www.fema.gov/community-emergency-response-teams.

If you have always wanted to work at a certain company--target it, whether there are openings you know of or not. 

Send a letter--send a pain letter (see below)...Follow the company in Google Alerts. Keep pecking away.

Volunteer at a place nearby so you don't burn gas. It gives you a place to go and possibly contacts. Also you won't be so draggy. How about Meals on Wheels? They have kids and grandkids in companies.

Look into getting a certificate--say in grant writing or nursing assistant.

Elections are only a little over a year off. Campaigns will be staffing.

Subscribe to the local business paper.

Put some oomph into it!

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