Friday, August 16, 2013

Even robots need a boss

Remember Hal, the computer in 2001 Space Odyssey? He got loose and defied his creators. Not good.

Lauren Weber, WSJ, Aug 8, 2013, says bossing robots can be a career choice.

In fact, many factory workers supervise machines more than people, as the economy slips, slides, morphs, and oozes.

The old form of management was about motivating people, measuring their performance and productivity, and carrying info up to bosses and down from the bosses to the people.

Not so now. But we still need managers!

Now they supervise processes--as well as people.

The job is  more complex--takes more technical know-how.

This is not just in factories--but also the back offices of companies large and small.

Strangely, this has not eliminated middle managers, but made them more necessary--and their work more difficult.

But being essential is good. So is knowing what to do when Hal goes on a tear.

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