Thursday, August 1, 2013

Everyone is "innovating"--how to do it

Same...stuff, different day? Jump out of the box! Every notice that the buzzwords around innovation have become unoriginal? And the lightbulb! Let's think up a replacement for that as a symbol.

But companies--and even individuals--do need to shake things up sometimes. Govt Technology mag had a few suggestions.

Hey--maybe a suggestion box!

First, create momentum. Set the clock ticking. There must be an urgent goal.

Make sure managers know the limitations.

Have a clear assignment. Be concrete--get buy-in from those affected.

In fact, not only get buy-in, but put those people on the team.

Be sure the person who thinks there is a problem needing a solution is on the team.

Out of the box sounds good, but the ideas must fit the realities of your organization.

Check out new product ideas to see if (1) They are appealing, (2) Stand out in the market, (3) Have great potential for turnover, (4) Will make an adequate profit, (5) Fit management's goals, (6) Can be achieved quickly, (7) Will create more support as they come into being.

See? Easy-peasy!

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