Thursday, August 8, 2013

Luddite's lament

Luddites were some guys who hated technology or progress or something. I forget the details. I feel like a goober saying this, but so much of our so-called fabulous technology is half-vast.

At least in my opinion.

First, I saw a debate on TV about whether two-year-olds need cell phones. I can answer that. No. Park them in front of the TV like any good parent.

My sister's cell rings over and over and over during the course of a lunch. I said why don't they call back after a few hours? Oh, she said, that is just the reminder call that I have messages. Who needs that?

I have seen texts she gets with one letter: K. Is this so pressing?

Websites. They have been around a while--but every one I go to blows up or has some glitch. I end up calling--and the message says, "We have a website, you know." Yeah--I heard.

By the way--why can't you search on Yelp? If you do find a category, say internists, why is it random and not alphabetical. So whimsical

I am waiting now 10 days for the results of my yearly blood work. Ten days--three calls. Could your robot call mine--please?

I know of people who have almost surrendered the last tattered shreds of their sanity going to a phone store.

I don't have a cell, but I did call and see if I could get call waiting, caller ID, call forwarding and stuff I don't use taken off.

"It will cost more without those," I was told.

Of course, it would.

My doctor has the worst hold music--I think at one time it was jazz, now it sounds like a cat in a blender. I said that and the woman said, "Like a dead cat?"

No--a dead cat would be silent.

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