Friday, August 23, 2013

Messy desk, messy mind?

The other night on the Fox show THE FIVE, they showed the desks of the five regulars. All of the desks looked straightened to me, but not nasty neat.

I was shocked at how small their offices are, but I digress.

There has long been a meme that says if your desk is a mess, you are a disorganized slob and bad at your job.

In a corporate culture of squared-away desks, this may stand out and you will want to follow the crowd and not look like a hoarder.

So-called "messies" often say they know where everything is. They may! Clutter may not be a punch in the eye to them.

I once worked with a woman who had traveled the world, was one of the first female helicopter pilots, had an international organization called the Whirly Girls, dressed to kill, and had a scary office. There was so much paper in there, it was stacked in the kneehole of her desk--she had to work at a table in the library.

Clean it up? Clean WHAT up? She was fine.

Unless it's an actual fire hazard--what's the harm?

I know people like to judge--but you know, there are some shoes under my desk. More than one pair.


sportinlife19 said...

I think it was Piaget, who said there is more than one kind of order.

Star Lawrence said...

Ah..good point.