Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Perks v benefits

Barbara Haislip, WSJ, Aug 19, 2013, says sometimes the little things mean the most to employees.

Small firms are getting creative to hold onto employees.

One company offers free beer on Friday as a reward for the week's effort. Sodas, too, of course.

Permission to work remotely. This one has been around a while.

How about bringing your pet to the office. And not just dogs--fish have been known to come to work at one joint. Or talking birds.

Time off to volunteer is another perk. One company gives four paid days off a year for good-doing.

A tech slush fund maybe? One company gives $400 a year for high tech devices.

Other companies offer summer internships and jobs of spring break to employees' kids.

How about access to a company pastor or life coach?

Or a yoga hour?

One company--in India--allows young people to put their parents on their health plan. That would not work in the US--in fact, it's the opposite.

I remember when I had a real job and the mail room would wrap and mail my parcels. I loved that.

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