Monday, August 5, 2013

Remember him--the Dirty Jobs guy?

Mike Rowe is a personable sort of man's man type guy who for years has undertaken blue collar or no-collar jobs on TV's DIRTY JOBS show.

He has a great website and organization called Profoundly Disconnected --

The title refers to the persistent notion that college is everything--that without it, you cannot make money, raise a family and achieve satisfaction.

That notion is profoundly disconnected from the reality Rowe found as he traveled the country cleaning sewerage plants and milking bull semen for a living.

He said one thing he noticed as he entered each little subculture of work was how happy the people were--they had money--friends--hobbies--loved sports--had kids doing well.

I once went on a luxury barge ride on the Mississippi--they talked about River People--people who never strayed far from the Mighty Mississip all their lives.

The Bar Pilots who guided the barges though the "passes" (and around the sandbars) down near New Orleans were a closed group--the jobs, which paid $250K and up, were passed from father to son.

On Rowe's site, you can find trade resources as well as several video rants by Mr Rowe. He was particularly unimpressed by something  his HS counselor showed him--a picture of a worker on one side and next to it a guy in a suit--the caption was "Do you want to work smart or hard?"

Rowe says how about both! America's relationship to work itself, much less a job, is changing. And not for the better.

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