Monday, August 12, 2013

Strategic flirtation? Does that have another name?

Jean McGregor, Wash Post, Aug 7, 2013, writes about flirting in the workplace.

A paper, authored by Oklahoma State management professor Alexis Smith and researchers from several other universities, surveyed 281 female attorneys in the Southeast about how often the smiled flirtatiously or played dumb at work.

They asked the women if the firms were "masculine"--aggressive, risk-taking--or "feminine"--loyal, empathetic.

The more masculine, they thought, the more common the flirting. They were right.

But--they also thought women in both cultures would be forgiven and understood. Not so in the masculine cultures.

So bear that in mind when you feel like batting your eyes or asking a big strong man to reach the file off the shelf or explain a difficult concept.

It may help you--it may not.

Personally, I think using natural charm is OK--being really blatant is probably dopey unless the men at your place are pretty dumb. You can be the judge..

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