Thursday, August 22, 2013

Try to assume a power position

Sue Shellenbarger (WSJ, Aug 21, 2013) says one woman used to step back from listeners when speaking and twisted a ring on her finger. She wondered why people asked her if she were nervous.

Studies show that even consciously assuming a power position for a few minutes--standing tall and leaning slightly forward, hands at your sides, for instance--can lower stress hormones and increase testosterone, even in women.

When she heard this, the woman started rising during her presentation--to counter her short height.

Other power stances are leaning forward and placing hands flat on a desk or table, opening legs expansively (men do this), leaning back feet forward, taking up space.

Most people aren't aware of the power of body language. You are broadcasting info about yourself! Leaning toward the listener is key.

Leaning over a smartphone may put you in a low-power position.

Arms folded across the chest may mean you are withdrawing.

One woman put a rubber band on her wrist and snapped it under the table to remind herself to project power.

I think that might be taking this a wee too far.

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