Monday, August 26, 2013

Typewriters still live--due to death

Remember typewriters? You are probably too young. But I sure do. Proportional spacing--that was fun. Correction tape. White Out--ah, that was wondrous stuff. But my favorite was starting over. If you left out a paragraph--you had to start over.

I would never have gotten my lobbying job that kept me in silk dresses for 16 years if theguy who gave the typing test had not been out sick the day I was hired.

Laura Kusisto, WSJ, Aug 23, 2013, says the old clackers are still around--kept alive by funeral homes (no death certs can be done on computers). Police depts, law firms, and some govt agencies also still use them.

The biggest company is Swintec. Swin-what? It doesn't have the ring of banging something out on the Remington.

Swintec sells 5,000 typewriters a year.

Another big customer--prisons. It's harder to hide contraband coming into a commissary when the records are typed and not stored. Some prisoners buy them for their cells.

Death certificates may go digital pretty soon, but the prison business is strong.

Prisoners also write letters--they replace Miss Manners this regard.Of course, if they do stay in school, handwriting may be phased out soon. The old reliable QWERTY machine may be needed.

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