Tuesday, September 10, 2013

C'mon, gals, computers rock

Colin Wood, Sept 6, 2013, says nationwide pushes are on to get more women and minorities into computers.

Almost 60% of all undergrad degrees are earned by women, with 52% of math and science grads being women.

But--most high schools do not require computer science classes. Technology is still regarded as a masculine field. The old saw about wanting to be around people who look like you apparently still holds sway.

Some HS teachers put on a full-court press to get women and minorities into their classes. Yet only 19% of Computer Science advance placement test takers are women.

In creating computer science classes, teachers need to make them gender neutral. A group called Black Girls Code hosts events around the country focusing on women and minorities, mainly girls between ages 7 and 17.

iUrban Teen Tech focuses on black and Latino males.

Bit by bit (pun intended) these bright and focused youngsters can help us enter the world of this new century---where technology will be king and the tech-smart will rule.

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