Monday, September 9, 2013

Did you ever melt a car?

You build a big, shiny building but it's at a wrong angle (or something) and the sun bounces off it and melts someone's Jaguar.

Don't you HATE that?

It was called the Walkie Talkie Tower--it's in London. Now it's called The Fryscraper. It melted the mirrors on a Jag and caused other mayhem.

Designed by Rafael Vinoly, the Fryscraper is not the architect's first star-crossed project--he had a similar experience with a building in Las Vegas.

That's two. Aren't you supposed to make a different mistake the next time--don't you listen to Auntie Star?

Oh, well--you thought YOU were having a bad day. At least it's not a bad career.

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