Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Dopey shows are not what preppers are about

Capt William E. Simpson, a US Merchant Marine officer, writes about so-called Doomsday Preppers in the Sept/Oct issue of Emergency Management.

He says the spate of TV shows on preppers have given them an unfortunate image. Preppers, he says, are just like anyone else you know. There are between 3-5 million of them. Maybe even your neighbor.

Many are former military, police and fire. There are also doctors, scoutmasters, pilots, weather forecasters, and teachers. They come in all ages.

Usually they have witnessed a disaster and have decided to follow FEMA's advice.

As a rule, zombies do not figure into the scenario.

Emergency managers should appreciate these people--they can fan into neighborhoods in a disaster and provide real help. Many will not have Certified Emergency Response Training (CERT--google it). But they will still be of help.

After interviewing a doctor for WebMD on the subject of bird flu some years ago, I thought about how this disease could be managed at home--and even laid in a few supplies. But I never followed through.

Maybe it would not be a bad idea? The government has websites of advice.

I have a prepper in the family--they have two months of rice and beans stockpiled. And, of course, firearms. This is where it gets shaky for me--if the balloon goes up, what are preppers going to find when they emerge?

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