Thursday, September 19, 2013

Freelancer population rising--and not going back to offices

I made a decent living as a freelance reporter and marketing consultant for 35 years, then came The Troubles (election in 2008) and the sharks moved in trying to get between freelancers and the money--they offered unlimited work for $5 a story instead of $500. Even the good payers started cutting pay.

Now--even the writers who told me I was nuts for being worried, are worried. And at the same time, the entire economy is starting to trend toward self-employment.

Huge change!

More than 17 million American identified themselves as consultants, freelancers, or temps in May 2013. This was 10% more than in 2011.

This number will be 28 million by 2018.

Thirty-six percent of these are Gen Xers (age 34 to 49). The Boomers are 33%. Millennials are 20%. And "the matures" (yick), age 68 and up, are 11%.

They claim the economy is improving, but all I see is more part-time jobs being filled.

Experts wonder why freelancers are not flocking back to companies.

One guy said it best. "Companies are less committed to commitment."

As a side note, I find I can be superbly qualified for an assignment, but not get it. I think I am tagged as a "mature" when I list top-name publications. I think they assume I will want to be paid decently.

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