Monday, September 23, 2013

Interview jitters

People are getting the occasional interview these days--and it's been so long they have forgotten how to ace it.

CareerBuilder has some advice. Remember, first, that the interviewer's job may be on the line if they pick the wrong person. This can account for lots of strange questions and interviewer overkill.

You must prepare! Why ARE you the best person for the job? What did you learn in school that makes this the job for you?

At very least, know what the company DOES. A lot more research than that is recommended.

After checking in, relax, deep-breathe.

In the interview, think before you speak. Listen to what the interviewer says. If the interviewer asks whether you have questions--ask some, don't just jump up and leave.

And send a paper thank you. Always.

I like the listen and think advice. So often, on TV, when people are being interviewed, they get asked the same question they just answered. I scream at the set--"He just TOLD you that."

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