Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Lucky reinvention

As people get laid off or decide to retire early, there is much talk of "reinventing" oneself.

Personally, I have reinvented myself so much I look like a Rube Goldberg gizmo (look it up).

But I thought Bernie Born of Flagstaff, AZ, as reported by Kristi Essick in the WSJ, really took a leap. He went from financial analyst to horseshoer--or farrier.

He doesn't even ride much and is taking lessons to get better, but he had a little farm and three horses. When he laid off as an industrial appraiser in 2008, he realized he was tired of financial work.

Desk work, basically.

When the farrier came to shoe his horses, he was watching and thought, "I would like to do that." His wife said well, why don'tcha.

Amazingly he found a horseshoe school in Tucson, where he lived in a bunkhouse with other students many decades his junior.

He learned to trim hooves, heat shoes in a forge, shape them on an anvil, and diagnose horse diseases. He had to pass extensive exams.

When he returned home, he used his business skills to build up clientele--he was always on time, sent postcards reminding clients of needed services, and posted fliers and sent emails.

He is a happy man--he comes home tired. He has to exercise to keep up with controlling the large beasts and long days.

"I love my job," he was quoted as saying.

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