Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Mom and Dad, meet my boss

You know I let little go unsaid--but I pretty much thought I did not have to tell you not to take your parents to work.

But nooooo...According to Anita Hofschneider, WSJ, Sept 11, 2013, some of the Millennials (born 1981-2000) are so chummy with the 'rents, they invite them to company softball games and other events.

Some managers did not like this at first, according to this story, but are now getting used to it.

Northwestern Mutual Life welcomes parents of interns.

Parents come along on job interviews. They listen to performance evals.

So, of course, we know have Take Your Parents to Work Day (Google, natch).

This is also wildly popular overseas--more so even than in the US.

Of course, this can get awkward when rules prevent sharing the reasons a child got fired or something of that nature.

And one Millennial said if she got a letter to take to her parents she would feel like she was back in HS.

Hey--just forge their name on it like before. (joke)

My daughter recently showed me an attagirl a customer posted about her on her employer's website. She did it voluntarily. I was happy, though.

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