Monday, September 30, 2013

MOOCs morphing fast

Remember those Massive Open Online Courses--MOOCS--being offered by even big name schools?

Now, the likes of AT&T and Google are getting into the act, helping design them to make students better able to work at their companies--or even certificating student skills(niche certifications).

This according to Douglas Belkin and Caroline Porter (WSJ, Sept 27, 2013).

Udacity, one of the purveyors, offers a free certification with inputs from Google and AT&T and a few other companies.

MIT is also putting together a similar program called the Xseries with its MOOC partner edX.

With college tuition outpacing inflation three to one, some other approaches are needed.

Critics worry that letter the "bigs" into the game will focus courses too narrowly on the needs of those companies.

What do you think?

I tend to think the tail might soon wag the pooch. But who knows.

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