Thursday, September 5, 2013

New show on making it in a small subculture

On the Bravo channel, we just finished the ins and outs of crewing on a luxury yacht. Now we are partway into EAT, DRINK, LOVE, which deals with some young women trying to make it in the foodie subculture of LA.

We have a restaurant publicist, a private chef, a baker, a food writer, a mixologist, and a marketing director of a famous chain of eateries--plus miscellaneous flirty chefs, double dealers, and tyrants.

So far, we have seen a talented baker join forces with another one to create a delish treat called "fonuts." This means being in a hot kitchen baking, not swanning around a bar schmoozing about baking.

The private chef never gets out and meets anyone--she is lonesome.

The marketing director is always having to watch her six for the long knives in her organization.

The blogger is chatty, flirty, and people think she puts out for information.

The mixologist creates cocktails and revamps alcohol menus--and gets paid for it--at least sometimes.

The publicist knows everyone but still seems like an outsider somehow.

Recognize any of these types from your work or office?

Of course, they are all babes--even the men.

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