Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Some bosses want you to call people!

I KNOW! Weird, isn't it?

Phones in offices used to ring all the time--and not with a tune--a RING! It sounded busy. It was busy!

Anita Hofschneider, WSJ, Aug 28, 2013, says Millennials don't like to call when they can email.

They think phone calls are an interruption. They don't even want a phone on the desk. Some unplug it.

One problemmo: Email doesn't "sell" like the phone does. You can ask a question on email--get an answer. But you can't immediately discuss that answer and persuade.

One woman gives full-day workshops on how to use the telephone.

Still--more desk phones are being shipped than ever. They include text capability and instant messaging.

Nevertheless, younger workers may have "phone phobia."

Some, in the story, had to be told that phones don't use a SEND command.

OMG--where have we gone wrong?

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