Friday, September 13, 2013


Wouldn't ya know. No sooner do they invent stuff like Twitter, email, Facebook and so on, than people try to not use it.

We have all been around rude little drips who constantly check their phones in their laps at dinner, etc.

But some bigwigs (love that word) are also trying to dial back constant use, according to Rachel Feintzeig, WSJ, Aug 28, 2013. They more or less say it's for sanity's sake. They still think about work all the time, but without interruptions...which they say is good.

The head of one communications firm ditches his cell for part of each day.

Another did an Internet detox of 25 days and now does micro-disconnecting--say, no Twitter during meetings.

Another turns off company email for 24 hrs each week.

Another found out the world could get along without him. Yeah, that would hurt.

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